Chiropractic Testimonials

"I've had a fantastic experience at Clark Chiropractic Center... from the ease of scheduling appointments and the friendliness of the office staff, to the diagnosis and treatment of my back pain. I highly recommend Clark Chiropractic Center!"

 - Kathryn R.

"Before I started as a patient I would have to stop whatever it was I was doing and rub the muscles of my upper back and shoulders many times during the day. I have already noticed a big improvement. Now I don't have to bother my wonderful husband to rub my back in the areas where I had pain. The staff is extremely wonderful... they are very nice and pleasant every time, which is a big plus."

 - Leona B. MBA

"I could barely walk due to pain and numbness, which had been very bad for well over a year. None of many doctors and specialists I had seen were able to help me, or even find out what was wrong. After only a few treatments I felt a significant difference. My visits were 3x/week at first, then tapered down to every 2 months. Now I see him on a maintenance basis. My whole family has used Clark Chiropractic Center for many, many years, and we have all had very good experiences. The ladies in the office are always very helpful and friendly... they all try to make each patient feel comfortable and important."

 - Shalom K.

"I injured my back long ago delivering office furniture in the afternoons after high school. Now in my mid 40's, back pain was constant, and I would become nearly paralyzed with pain from walking or standing for long periods. Doctors took x-rays, but could find nothing abnormal. I tried massage therapy, which felt nice, but when it was over I was still in pain. I didn't know what to try next. I knew nothing of chiropractic, but chanced across Clark Chiropractic Center. The first day at the practice I was in pain just walking up the steps to the office door. Now 16 weeks later I'm dancing! I'm not completely pain free, but I see the day coming. I have far less back pain, have regained sensations in my legs and feet I didn't even know I'd lost, and can now do anything; though I'm never going to carry furniture around again!"

 - Romain T.


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